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Release History

1.1.02009-08-14Bugfix and feature release

Release 1.1.0 - 2009-08-14

addUse maven assembly descriptor to assemble instead of the pde-maven-plugin.sawielan
addCheck if there is a repository configured at startup. If none available, use the default repository. Fixes 2833758.sawielan
addAdd new view to display the RO_ACCESS_REPORT in a tabular form.sawielan
fixMove all the repository code into the llrp adapter.sawielan
addAdd new settings to the preferences menu in order to allow external databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL).sawielan
fixWhen sending an LLRP message to multiple readers via the "send LLRP message" dialog, the LLRP Commander does not correctly "remember" the used readers for recurring sends. The failure occurs, if a reader gets removed or added between to subsequent sends. Fixes 2833759.sawielan