The Reader Project comprises three separate modules:

  • the Reader RP/RM Core that implements the EPCglobal Reader Protocol and Reader Management Specification
  • the Reader RP Proxy (host)
  • the Reader RP Client

Reader Protocol Features Implemented

The three modules implement all SHALLs and the vast majority of CANs of the reader protocol. This includes:

  • Transport Binding: TCP and HTTP
  • Message Binding: XML and Text
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Messaging (Notification Channels)
  • Triggers
  • Data Selectors

Reader Management Features Implemented

The Reader RP/RM Core implements the SNMP part of the EPCglobal Reader Management including nearly all optional features. The proxy and the client do not support the reader management standard.

Reader RP Proxy Features

The Reader RP Proxy module facilitates RFID application development. It features:

  • a Java interface hides communication with a reader instance -

    no need to get your hands dirty with low-level details such as TCP/text transport message bindings. The Reader Proxy provides you with a local instance of the reader instance.

  • a configuration engine that allows the developer to specify a reader configuration in a configuration file -

    no need for the developer to go through the tedious process of configuring sources, triggers, and notification channels by producing lines of code.

    Java Example code:

            // get reader device proxy
            Handshake handshake = new Handshake();
            readerDevice = ReaderDeviceFactory.getReaderDevice(COMMAND_CHANNEL_HOST,
                                    Integer.parseInt(COMMAND_CHANNEL_PORT), handshake);
            log.info("Connection established with reader device " + readerDevice.getName()
                                    + " at address " + COMMAND_CHANNEL_HOST + ":" + COMMAND_CHANNEL_PORT);

Reader RP Client Features

The Reader Test Client provides an intuitive graphical user interface to test a reader instance. It supports all of the reader protocol features mentioned above.

Reader Test Client Screenshot