User Changelog

Release 0.5.0

Symbols used in Module column are: R for Reader Core, P for Proxy, and C for Client.

apiRRenamed packages from org.accada to org.fosstrak.roduner
apiPRenamed packages from org.accada to org.fosstrak.roduner
apiCRenamed packages from org.accada to org.fosstrak.roduner

Release 0.4.0

bugfixRStart reader from ReaderDevice class. Fixes 1605109.jhaller
bugfixRPCCleaned up properties files. Fixes 1547804.jhaller
bugfixRSource properties added to ReaderDevice.xml. Fixes 1524549.jhaller
bugfixRRemoved spinlock, redesigned continuous notification trigger with wait/notify. Fixes 1760340.jhaller
bugfixRSend notifications as HTTP posts. Fixes 1524548.jhaller
bugfixPSearch for '<?xml' instead of '<' only to identify start of XML in notification. Fixes 1519656.jhaller
bugfixRPJAXB context and marshaller stored static and initialized only once. Fixes 1770773.jhaller
bugfixPAdded configuration file for the proxy. Fixes 1547776.jhaller
bugfixRPFixed field name, event and tag field values for custom data selector. Fixes 1773821.jhaller
bugfixRPRenamed TagSelector shorthand from RF to TS. Fixes 1723152.jhaller
bugfixRReturn error if 'ms=' missing in timer trigger value. Fixes 1782301.jhaller
bugfixRReturn notification channel port number correctly. Fixes 1782482.jhaller
bugfixRPCRedesigned resource loading. Fixes 1547832.jhaller
bugfixRPCSend and receive handshake in core and proxy/client. Fixes 1783839.jhaller
bugfixRAdded possibility to start multiple readers on a single computer (only first one with reader management functionality). Fixes 1800577.jhaller
bugfixRNo default configuration files defined in other configuration files. Fixes 1823580.jhaller
bugfixRIterate over tag field names instead of field names when adding tags to a report in the source. Fixes 1826817.jhaller
bugfixRRewritten byte array to hexadecimal formatted string converter function in the HexUtil class. Fixes 1827468.jhaller
bugfixRInterprete offset and length of a tag field as bits, added bit manipulation code to cope with correct interpretation. Fixes 1827498.jhaller