Welcome to the Fosstrak HAL Project


The objective of the Fosstrak HAL project is to define a hardware abstraction interface that is used to access RFID readers and implement it for various reader devices and reader simulators. Fosstrak HAL is used by the Reader and Filtering and Collection project.

How can the Fosstrak HAL Project help you?

This project allows you to:

  • access different readers over a uniform interface from your own application
  • use all the implemented hardware abstractions of readers with the Fosstrak Reader


The Fosstrak HAL Project comprises of several modules:

  • the hardware abstraction interface with common utilities
  • a module for the hardware abstraction interface implemented with simulator variants
  • a module for each implementation of the hardware abstraction interface

The figure below gives an overview of the Fosstrak HAL implementation. For more information refer to the Developer section.

Fosstrak HAL architecture