Developers guide


The Filtering and Collection middleware provides an interface through which clients may interact with filtered, consolidated EPC data and related data from a variety of sources. Its an implementation of the EPCglobal standart ALE 1.1.


From a global view one can split the Fosstrak Filtering and Collection framework into 3 layers that are built on top of each other.

  • org.fosstrak.ale.server: This layer provides the interface to the client through the class ALE. This includes:
    • Tag filtering and reports generation
    • EventCycle and ReportsGenerator administration
    • Client subscription/unsubscription
  • org.fosstrak.ale.server.readers: This layer models the logical reader API. This includes:
    • Tag aggregation
    • Reader management
  • org.fosstrak.ale.server.readers.XYZ: This layer acts as the layer to the physical hardware. This includes:
    • Aquiring of the tags
    • Maintenance of reader connections

Detailed information

For detailed information please refer to the chapters: