For demonstration purposes, we run a publicly available EPCIS Repository and provide a generic EPCIS Capture and Query Client available via Java Web Start. This environment allows you to explore the functionality of EPCIS without installing any software on your computer.

Public Fosstrak EPCIS Repository

We provide a public EPCIS Repository that can be used in connection with any capture or query application. We provide an HTTP binding for the capture interface and a SOAP binding for the query interface. The two interfaces are available at the following URLs:

Fosstrak EPCIS capture interface (HTTP binding):

Fosstrak EPCIS query interface (SOAP binding):

This public EPCIS Repository is purged and initialized with some sample data every night.

Generic EPCIS Capture and Query Client

We also provide a generic EPCIS Capture Client and Query Client. You can use them to interact with our public Fosstrak EPCIS Repository or with any other third-party EPCIS Repository. Both applications include sample queries and sample capture data to illustrate the functionality offered by EPCIS. You can also use them as templates for your own experiments.

Launch Query Client (via Java Web Start)

Launch Capture Client (via Java Web Start)

In order to use these applications, you need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or higher installed on your computer (Java Web Start is used to launch the applications). Please note that we currently use a self-signed certificate, which causes a security warning when the applications are launched.

Screenshots of Capture and Query Client

Fosstrak EPCIS Capture GUI


Fosstrak EPCIS Query GUI

Webadapter Demo

We provide a demonstration server for the EPCIS Webadapter. This lets you browse and interact with the content of the Fosstrak EPCIS (or any compliant EPCIS) with any web browser, web language, or HTTP library.

An instance of the EPCIS Webadapter interface can be found here:

The EPCIS Webadapter can also be used from a smart phone (experimental HTML rendering for Android and iPhone) using the same URL as above or by scanning the following barcode:

Mobile access to the EPCIS Webadapter

The EPC Mashup Dashboard is a Javascript client (running on Google App Engine) that demonstrates how the EPCIS Webadapter helps building lightweight (e.g., mobile, mashup) applications on top of the EPCIS Respository featuring the Webadapter. You can access it here (best viewed with Firefox):

Note, this later application is here for demonstration purposes only and should not be considered as "ready for production".

Screenshots of the Webadapter

Fosstrak EPCIS Webadapter HTML browser


EPC Mashup Dashboard built on top of the EPCIS Webadapter