The following outlines the features available in Fosstrak's EPCIS Repository implementation and in its Capture and Query Clients.

Fosstrak EPCIS Modules

The Fosstrak EPCIS Project comprises three separate modules:

  • an EPCIS Repository implementation
  • an interactive EPCIS Capture Client
  • an interactive EPCIS Query Client

The modules implement the EPC Information Services (EPCIS) Specification defined by EPCglobal and its members.

Fosstrak EPCIS Repository Features

Our implementation features the EPCIS capture interface and the EPCIS query interface (including the query control interface and the query callback interface) as defined by EPCglobal. We provide an HTTP binding for the capture interface and a SOAP binding for the query interface. Our implementation requires Java 1.5 (or higher) and a MySQL database (version 5.0.15 or higher) as a storage engine.

Fosstrak EPCIS Capture and Query Client Features

The Fosstrak EPCIS Capture and Query Clients provide an intuitive graphical user interface to store EPCIS events to and retrieve EPCIS events from an EPCIS Repository. They can be used to interactively test and explore any EPCIS Repository (based on Fosstrak or third-party products) supporting the HTTP binding for the capture cnterface and the SOAP binding for the query interface.

The following two screenshots show the features available in our EPCIS Capture and Query Clients:

Fosstrak EPCIS Capture Client


Fosstrak EPCIS Query Client

Detailed Feature List

Fosstrak EPCIS supports all mandatory and some optional features of EPCglobal's EPC Information Services (EPCIS) Specification, Version 1.0. The following table gives an overview of which features are supported and which are not.

FeatureDescribed in
EPCIS Specification 1.0
Supported in
Fosstrak EPCIS 0.3
Extension mechanism (e.g. new event fields)Sect. 6.3X[1]
Hierarchical vocabularies (e.g. urn:epc:id:sgtin:123.*)Sect. 6.5X
Core event types (EventData & MasterData)Sect. 7.2X[2]
Core capture operations (capture interface)Sect. 8.1X
Authentication & authorization for capture operationsSect. 8.1.1-[5]
Core query operations (query control & query callback interface)Sect. 8.2X[3]
Authentication & authorization for query operationsSect. 8.2.1-[5]
Triggered and scheduled queriesSect. 8.2.5X
Error Conditions (exceptions)Sect. 8.2.6X[4]
Predefined queries (SimpleEventQuery & SimpleMasterDataQuery)Sect. 8.2.7X
Message queue binding for capture operations moduleSect. 10.1-[5]
HTTP binding for the capture operations moduleSect. 10.2X[5]
SOAP over HTTP binding for query control interfaceSect. 11.2X[5]
XML over AS2 binding for query control interfaceSect. 11.3-[5]
XML over HTTP binding for query callback interfaceSect. 11.4.2X[5]
XML over HTTPS binding for query callback interfaceSect. 11.4.3X[5]
XML over AS2 binding for query callback interfaceSect. 11.4.4-[5]

[1] - no support for "new vocabulary type" extension

[2] - EPC syntax is not checked against Tag Data Standard 1.3

[3] - query paramter orderBy does not support ordering for event field extensions, parameters EQATTR_fieldname_attrname and HASATTR_fieldname do not support event field extensions

[4] - SecurityException is never thrown, QueryTooComplexException is thrown when query execution takes longer than a predefined threshold, QueryTooLargeException is thrown when a query returns more results than a predefined threshold

[5] - optional feature