Fosstrak EPCIS

Fosstrak EPCIS provides an EPCglobal-certified EPCIS Repository as well as Query and Capture clients. In addition to these standards-compliant modules, it also offers a "Webadapter" for easy EPCIS access via web protocols (e.g., REST).


Fosstrak EPCIS is a complete implementation of the EPCIS standard specification (Version 1.0.1 of September 21, 2007). It successfully passed conformance testing and is EPCglobal-certified.

How can the Fosstrak EPCIS Project help you?

This project allows you to:
  • deploy an EPCIS Repository using our implementation
  • query an existing EPCIS Repository using our graphical user interface
  • fill an existing EPCIS Repository with EPC data using our graphical user interface


The Fosstrak EPCIS Project comprises three separate modules:
  • an EPCIS Repository implementation
  • an interactive EPCIS Capture Application
  • an interactive EPCIS Query Application
The figure below gives an overview of the Fosstrak EPCIS Implementation. For more information refer to the Architecture Guide.

Usage Scenarios

Possible usage scenarios include the following:
  • Embed our EPCIS Repository into your own applications to add an EPCIS interface to it
  • Interactively explore any EPCIS Repository using our graphical EPCIS Query Application
  • Use our EPCIS accessing applications as a blueprint to build your own EPCIS Capture or Query Application