Similar projects and spin-offs

The Fosstrak project was launched just after the first releases of GS1 standards for TDT, LLRP, ALE, EPCIS and others components.
Other open source projects were launched too in response to these standards, in Europe, Asia and Americas. Sadly, most of them quickly disappeared or were abandoned. Fosstrak also inspired later projects and spin-offs that can be of interest.

Amongst all those interesting open source projects, some of them are still available:

  • AspireRFID (LGPL V2.1 license). AspireRFID used some Fosstrak components (called Accada at that time) as a basis for development and partly reversed some source code to Fosstrak.
    The European-funded AspireRFID project aims at developing and promoting an free, open source, lightweight, standards-compliant, scalable, privacy-friendly, and integrated middleware along with several tools to ease the development, the deployment and the management of RFID-based applications and sensor-based applications. It implements several specifications from consortiums such as EPC Global, NFC Forum, JCP and OSGi Alliance.
  • IoTA (GPL v3 license) is a French-funded project led by University of Caen, to develop an Architecture for the Internet of Things based on EPCglobal standards. It leverages on Fosstrak components to add a prototype Discovery Service and secured EPCIS components.
    The project is supported by CPER Basse-Normandie 2007-2013, by French ""Agence Nationale pour la Recherche"" with project Wings (, by Basse-Normandie and OSEO with project TACITES (
  • Oliot (maintained by Auto-ID Lab Korea)
    Oliot is aiming an international standard based Internet of Things (IoT) Infrastructure Platform, by extending the code system of GS1 and their standard architecture to support various IoT connectivity and protocols such as bar code, RFID, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, etc. Oliot also aims a complete implementation of GS1/EPCglobal standard.
    Oliot is a spin-off project of Fosstrak, an open source RFID software platform that implements the GS1 EPC Network specifications. So significant portion of Oliot implementation was derived from that of Fosstrak project.